Lost your Property?

If you lost your property while in REAP and you answer yes to any of the following questions you are invited to join us in a group action lawsuit to recover your Losses.

WE can Help you!

We are bringing a class action lawsuit, please contact us to get involved. Fill out a questionnaire and tell us your story or email us.



Do You Need Help Getting Out Of REAP?

  • We are working with a knowledgeable landlord advocate who has hands on experience with REAP that can help you navigate the system and get your property released.
  • Each month you are being charged $50 per unit that is in REAP and the rent you are allowed to collect is reduced.
  • The sooner you get out the sooner the fees and your rent reductions will stop.
  • Time is money.
  • If you are interested in hearing about how an advocate can assist you call.

Fighting For The Rights of Housing Providers In Los Angeles!

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 The first step in fighting an unjust government is always to amass an army, and that is what we hope that this website can accomplish.  We would like to hear your story, whether you are currently in REAP, about to enter REAP, have managed to escape REAP, or have lost your building due to the burden of REAP.
Over 2000 properties are currently in REAP, and many of those do not deserve to be there.  Thousands more are past victims.  Our goal is to hear from all of you. By creating a community and comparing notes, we hope to shine a light on the patently illegal activities of the LAHD.


The Los Angeles Rent Escrow Account program is designed to confiscate your rents and give your money to the City. It is difficult to believe, but the City can send you only one notice letter, and whether you receive the letter or not, (maybe you were on vacation) the City can confiscate 100% of your rental income on the first day of the next month, and every month thereafter.
This has happened to hundreds of owners – it is not theoretical. Many are in
foreclosure or bankruptcy.
The REAP notice is usually preceded by an inspection where deficiencies
were found with your building, no matter how minor or cosmetic ( eg. scratched paint). If the defects are not fixed in a timely manner, you will get the REAP notice letter.

This story will give you hope!!!!


The LAHD has forced me to evict all of my tenants, and then forced me to let them stay. I have a huge amount of money sitting in non-interest bearing limbo, and a fleet of taxpayer-based lawyers threatening me. I have to pay a tenant that has vandalized my unit in order to comply with and LAHD mandate, and I am being fined by one LA City agency for not performing a task that another LA City agency will not allow me to perform. 

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If you have any Questions about REAP or If you are interested in hearing about how an advocate can assist you email or call. 310-869-5153

Our Strategies

  • Spread Awareness
  • Know your rights
  • Stop city harassment
  • Share to help others
  • know the Changes
  • You run your business
  • Better L.A. through knowledge