Yes, it’s a fact that we are now in a police state.  Under this administration we can indeed be jailed without being charged with a crime, denied our constitutional rights and/or be held indefinitely.  The Los Angeles Housing Dept. (LAHD) was instated to create bogus regulation programs to undermine entrepreneurial success.  It has been scheming to these ends ever since.  Small Business such as Private Income Property Ownership is the #1 target since it is a huge thriving industry that Government is vying to take over.  Owners are forced to fund public welfare programs such as RSO which was designed to force registration of private property and to mandate subsidized housing.  REAP enables LAHD to confiscate rents and to dispose of such properties as it deems fit.  Then SCEP was created to insure access to, and control over private income property.  Now, sealing the deal we are told “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that, you got help”.  Translation!!  “It doesn’t belong to you”.  So what’s next, confiscation? Why not?  REAP promotes this, SCEP assures unlimited access, and RSO has already provided registration of ownership for ease of takeover etc.  It was well planned at huge cost to hard working housing providers being denied due process of law and constitutional rights.

I just received notice of a SCEP inspection which means LAHD has ignored the recent court ruling which stripped it of such authority.  This action is in clear violation of law and is our cue to stop funding it.  Accepting the premise that any of these programs were valid to begin with was a gigantic mistake on our part and can only be remedied by immediate repudiation.  We are under no obligation to pay into any of these illegal programs.  Prop 32 is a local ballot measure aimed to strip unions of what “feeds the beast” (forced payment of union dues) Likewise, I have been prepared for some time now to de-fund LAHD by refusing to pay any further fees. That time has come.  Indeed the sure way to bring down this beast is to starve it, but follow-thru can only be effective when all of us private income property owners agree to act in unison.  Citizens en masse can wield a lot of power.  If you all are with me, we will not fail.  It cannot and will not happen by an individual act.  We now see how the individual SCEP lawsuit was swept under a rug and ignored.  We should not fear the political backlash of fines, liens etc. as it is already upon us.  If any such wrath is spewed we will strike back with force and unity.

Our attorney General is in contempt of congress for withholding documents involving murder, and missing artillery.  This administration, acting above the law has bypassed the legislature to hand out amnesty, double up on food stamp recipients and eliminate work requirements from welfare to increase dependency, thereby insuring reelection chances in order to complete an agenda of takeover and despotism. This gang of tax cheats, felons and the like can destroy us and unless the citizenry gets involved we need not complain further.  Elected Officials have an obligation to citizens therefore we can, and must hold them accountable. We need to take matters into our own hands and by so doing we will get the kind of attention not seen before.  We have lots to gain and nothing to lose.  Please Sign Below to confirm your commitment to all of the above and email to the address below.  We have a fair few signatures so far but we need a lot more.  LAHD is a reckless mirror of several other departments and needs to be eliminated.

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