When SCEP first began, the intent was to protect tenants from direct health and safety issues like missing smoke detectors or window screens or leaking faucets, etc. Inspectors typically gave owners thirty days to comply with citations which was quite workable.

However, due to a slowdown in construction the Building and Safety department and an excess of unfunded city employees, the city transferred some 57 persons to housing and greatly increased the number of inspectors and intensity of inspections. Needless to say it was imperative that they also increased revenue from fees and fines in order to be able to self-fund this department and pay for the unnecessary additional employees that were over and above the original number required to enforce SCEP in its original intent.

This new breed of inspectors were specially trained and equipped to use satellite photos, Google earth photos, hand held computers with links to websites and other high tech devices to eke out any insignificant irregularity in any building no matter how safe and healthy it may be. They go on a witch hunt to increase revenue by being much more aggressive and are now (illegally) citing issues that are out of their jurisdiction like building and safety items for which they demand owners obtain permits and have them signed off before the same thirty day time period has expired or be heavily fined.

Needless to say, Building and Safety items require a licensed contractor to pull permits draw plans, maybe do engineering calculations and start a long involved expensive process that never can be completed in thirty days. Housing then sends the owner to the kangaroo court where a totally biased and unheading “judge” issues new fines and places the building into REAP an sends the file to the city attorney for legal prosecution, when it is impossible to comply in thirty days.

See Attached examples of the ludicrous fees, fines, and late fees.

There is a $378 fee for closing a case, then another $793 late fee if a little late because you are querying it, Totalling $1096.00!!! A very large amount to close your file when you have complied with everything?  That is like paying your parking ticket and getting an even bigger fee to close the file!

Have you been charged an unreasonable fine or fee, and tried to mediate it, but they do not answer the phone, or return messages?  Then on top of all of that get a 400% late fee, around $500 late fee on what was an original $125 incorrect fine in the first place.

This is what we must put an end to!  Please see copies of charges, on the images on your right.

Bill From the City

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