(names withheld by request as could jeopardize pension)

I spoke with LAHD Inspector XXXXXXXXX today regarding the LAHD issues.  He states that the LAHD REAP program is in direct violation of California State Civil Code 1941.


I have also attached the verbiage of this link below in a Word file.

In essence, state law states that money may be taken out of a tenant’s rent in order to pay for problems affecting the habitability of the unit as per state code, should the landlord refuse to make those changes within a reasonable period of time.  However, REAP actually reduces the rent paid to the landlord well above this amount.  The city actually allows the tenant to keep part of his/her rent through a mandated discount, while it confiscates the remainder to pay for these corrections.  This is directly in violation of state law, which preempts local law in all landlord-tenant issues.

He also confirms XXXXXXXX’s assertion that LAHD is working in concert with XXXXXXXXX of a certain Community Subsidized Housing groups and HUD, with the intention of driving small landlords into bankruptcy through these various programs in order to allow Mr. XXXXXXXXX and other Los Angeles connected people to purchase these foreclosed properties at low prices to create HUD funded low income housing.

Inspector XXXXXXXX has specific properties that his superiors have over-ridden him on.  These are properties that have complied, and were not allowed out of these programs- by creating false hurdles and timelines- with the specific intention of forcing foreclosure.

I was a bit wary of this theory at first- now I am horrified.  A high up LAHD manager confirms that this is indeed happening.

Please try to find a few minutes to review this material before we get together.  At this point, I think we need a low cost investigator- a legal intern perhaps- to begin with a little background research.  We need to compare a list of REAP properties with foreclosures, and then compare that list against lists of projects being put out by groups like Mr. XXXXXXX’s  We are willing to fund this initial step, at which point we could discuss a contingency setup, should the effort look to be worthwhile.  XXXXXXXX and I are not interested in making money here- we are only interested in seeing this crap come to an end.

This may turn out to be a conspiracy going to the highest levels.  Mercedes Marquez was head of LAHD, and is now in charge of HUD.  She is apparently behind the massive HUD funding that is buying these “distressed” properties.